5 Best DJ Headphones Review (2020)


In this article, we look at some of the best DJ headphones available.

Headphones are worn for a number of reasons. While most of us wear it for listening to music while on the move, or even when relaxing, many also wear it to reduce outside noise. In this article, we will be looking at DJ headphones and learn what is different about them. Additionally, we will list some of the important points and main features to be kept in mind while choosing DJ headphones.

We have a closer look at five of the best DJ headphones available in terms of quality, value for money, all-round performance, design and the best budget DJ headphones. We also will try to answer some common questions that people ask when looking to buy DJ headphones.

DJ headphones are similar to conventional, regular headphones. However, there are some obvious differences that make them stand out from the regular ones. DJ headphones have a flexible build. Hence, they are capable of swivelling so you can wear them on one ear or both ears as required. These are the few main differences that set DJ headphones apart from the conventional ones.

Things To Look For When Buying DJ Headphones

With so many brands and choices available out there, it can be difficult choosing the right DJ headphones for your particular needs. The best way to make the right choice is to have the right information and knowledge. We highlight a few important points to be kept in mind when buying the right DJ headphones.

Sound is one of the most important attributes to consider when buying DJ headphones. They should be able to provide the right lows and the highs should also be crisp without any cracking or other distortions. The sound reproduction quality does matter a lot to DJs when they are listening to drums, bass, vocals and other sounds and instruments.

Durability is another factor to be kept in mind when buying DJ headphones. They do cost money and headphones are often put through heavy use. They are often worn around the neck and repeatedly moved from head to neck to their DJ stand. These headphones must be able to take such abuse and should be solid enough to last a decent amount of time.

Finally, comfort is another important factor to be taken into account while choosing DJ Headphones. You may have to choose between a single-cord option and a folding design. The latter is useful when you have to transport them around in an equipment bag or rucksack.

Yes, of course, price is also an important consideration but you should not compromise on quality just because some DJ headphones are available at a lower price. Always try and go for the best you can afford.

5 Best DJ Headphones

We now look at five of the best DJ headphones we have found, based on different categories:

Best Quality DJ Headphones

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This is a candidate for the best quality DJ headphones. It is famous because of its award-winning M-Class sound. It also has some other exciting features and here are a few of them:

Main Features

Great sound due to their 50mm dual diaphragm drivers. The inner and outer rings help separate the bass from the highs and mids.

Over five years of ergonomic research and development, resulting in impressive design and comfort.

The cable is detachable and interchangeable.

Comes with compact exoskeleton carry case with V-strap system.

  • Fantastic sound reproduction
  • Not many DJ headphones can match in terms of bass and separation of highs and mids.
  • Great looking and ergonomically designed.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Heavier than similar-sized headphones

Best Value For Money DJ Headphones

5 Best DJ Headphones Review (2020) 35 Best DJ Headphones Review (2020) 4

This is from the house of Audio-Technica and this model #ATH-M50x has quite a few interesting features:

Main Features

It is a critically acclaimed for its top class sonic performance. This is because of engineering perfection.

The 45 mm large sized aperture drivers come with copper-clad aluminium wire voice coils and rare earth magnets.

You can expect the best of clarity even when the frequency is extended. The bass response is accurate and deep.

It is also famous for its circumaural design. The contours are so designed that you can expect the best of sound isolation even when the external environments are loud.

You will also love the 90 degree swivelling earcups.

It is perfectly suited for one-ear monitoring

  • Good sound quality

  • Relatively affordable price

  • Very comfortable

  • Comfort levels could have been better.

  • No removable cable

Best All-Round DJ Headphones

5 Best DJ Headphones Review (2020) 55 Best DJ Headphones Review (2020) 6

The HD 25 from Sennheiser is a lightweight and comfortable DJ Headphone with some exciting features. It is classified as being one of the best as per industry standards. It can be worn for long periods of time. Here are some exciting features.

Main Features

Because of lightweight aluminium voice coils it is considered to be highly sensitive.

It is capable of handling high sound pressure without disturbing listening pleasure and quality.

Extremely lightweight and comfortable.

As mentioned earlier, best suited for use for long periods of time.

It comes with single side cable that it detachable and also tough.

  • Excellent sound quality

  • It offers high attenuation of background noise.

  • Durable construction.

  • Replaceable parts.

  • The ear pads can get quite warm.

  • Basic design.

Best Design DJ Headphones

5 Best DJ Headphones Review (2020) 75 Best DJ Headphones Review (2020) 8

This is another much talked about product from Pioneer DJ. They are great professional DJ headphones that are built to last. This model # HDJ-20000MK2-K headphone is feature-rich:

Main Features

It comes with sound isolation feature.

Rugged and solidly built and suited for rough and professional use.

Offers the best of comfort.

Comes with rotatable housing.

Comes with 38 m thick diaphragm.

The 50 mm drivers are also big takeaways.

The voice coil is precision rolled ensuring the best of recording resolution.

Main Features

Because of lightweight aluminium voice coils it is considered to be highly sensitive.

It is capable of handling high sound pressure without disturbing listening pleasure and quality.

Extremely lightweight and comfortable.

As mentioned earlier, best suited for use for long periods of time.

It comes with single side cable that it detachable and also tough.

  • High quality sound

  • The ‘L’ shaped mini jack prevent the headphones getting disconnected during DJ sets

  • Durable and versatile

  • Expensive

Best Budget DJ Headphones

5 Best DJ Headphones Review (2020) 95 Best DJ Headphones Review (2020) 10

This is a quality product from Numark Store and DJs will have many reasons to love these headphones. They are feature-rich and not bad for the low price. We will have a look at the important features including its lightweight body, swivel design, 50 mm drivers and more:

Main Features

High-quality, full-range DJ headphones

Professional build and design with superior sound

Swivel design for monitoring on single or both ears

Comfortable protein-leather padding for extended use

Large 50mm driver

Detachable headphone cable with a ⅛” adapter for versatility

  • Combination of great looks and performance.

    Compact, foldable, comes with carry case

  • Clean mid and highs

  • Comes with 1/8 inch adapter that is gold plated. Can easily be connected to tablets, MP3 players, smartphones, etc.

  • Durable, detachable cable

  • Fairly basic build quality

  • Not very comfortable

  • High-end starts to distort at high volumes

  • Overpowering bass, not much ‘punch’

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are DJ Headphones?

DJ headphones are almost the same as regular headphones but with some obvious differences. These headphones are flexible in operation and they often have a unique swivelling feature. They are usually designed to be worn on both ears or one ear at a time. DJs use them primarily for cueing (listening to a track before playing it live), rather than just listening to music.

Why Do DJs Have Headphones?

Though there may be many reasons for using headphones, DJ headphones are mainly used for cueing purposes. They will listen to the next track to be played in their headphones and then, when they are ready, play the track live to the audience. The are also used as monitors – to check what is being played to the audience, and make sure the ‘mix’ sounds as it should.

Are Beats Good For DJing?

Beats are generally not marketed as far as the DJ sector is concerned. This is because most of these professionals are not specifically interested in precision engineering speaker design. They do want crisp bass and highs which Beats are not designed for.

Do DJs Use Noise Cancelling Headphones?

While DJs do use noise-canceling headphones, there are a few things that one must bear in mind – DJs have to regularly make use of microphones and most microphones are not designed to withstand the loud environment that comes from external sources.

Can You DJ With Bluetooth Headphones?

While practically it is possible to use Bluetooth headphones, experts recommend that it would be better to stay away from using Bluetooth headphones. This is because the latency could be too high. Further when the DJs have their heads behind their decks, it may not make much of sense to go in for wireless headphones driven by Bluetooth.

What Headphones Do The Best DJs Use?

The worlds best DJs wear a range of different headphones. But as you can see from this list, the most popular are Sennheiser HD 25 and V-MODA M-100.

You can find out the DJ equipment all your favourite DJs use by searching for them on EquipBoard. There you can see if Calvin Harris wears the same headphones as Afrojack.

Best DJ Headphones


Hopefully this article has given you some useful information and knowledge to help you choose the best pair of DJ headphones for your needs.

As with all equipment, always do your research before buying a pair, particularly if you are planning on spending a good sum of money on them. Do not just go for the cheapest option. There is more chance they won’t last.

If you can, go to your local store and try a pair on. See how they feel. Many stores allow you to plug your phone in so you can listen to the type of music you will using them for, to see how they sound.

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