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Best DJ Controller for iOS and Android

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DJ controllers play a crucial role in mixing music, and using IOS and Android DJ controllers is becoming popular. Using a smart device for DJing has several advantages, especially the fact that it gives you a compact setup. The touchscreen and smart technologies make the user-experience intuitive.

DJ controllers are hardware that allow hands on control of software that mixes music. Often, DJ controllers that work with IOS or Android also work with a Mac or a PC. They have developed devices that are fast and reliable. In addition, the touchscreen gives you extra manipulation abilities. Read on to learn about the best five IOS and Android DJ controllers.

In a rush? – Quick List

  1. Pioneer DJ DDJ-Wego4 WeDJ – 4.5/5
  2. Reloop Mixon 4 Serato DJ / djay Pro DJ Controller – 4/5
  3. Reloop Beatpad 2 djay Pro DJ Controller – 4/5
  4. Pioneer DJ DDJ-200 WeDJ and djay DJ Controller – 4.5/5
  5. Numark iDJ Pro djay Pro DJ Controller – 4/5

1. Pioneer DJ DDJ-Wego4 WeDJ/djay Pro/Rekordbox DJ Controller

Pioneer DJ DDJ-Wego4

This beginner level Android tablet DJ controller works with both IOS and Android. It is compact, and it runs the Algoriddim’s djay software or the Pioneer DJ WeDJ djing app. You can also use it with your computer and use Rekordbox DJ or Virtual DJ.

You have a lot of control with buttons to control FX, loops, cues, and samples. There are LED lights around the jog wheels that give you feedback while you DJ. It has a simple mixer with a 2-band EQ for each channel and a filter knob. It is compact and easily portable.

It is very compact and built with quality, and it has support for different devices. It also includes the Rekordbox DJ license. It is a plastic controller that comes in black and white, and the two jog wheels have four switchable hot cues and sampler buttons.

It has RCA jacks for the master output. You get a ¼” and a 1/8” jack for headphones and a USB connector to connect your IOS or Android device. There are also knobs that control the volume for the headphones and the output from the Mic. It has a docking station for an iPad up to the 9.7” size.

All in all, this is a great compact Pioneer DJ controller for IOS and Android that works with both IOS and Android devices, and it is great for DJs on the go. You will find it easy to use, easy to set up, and you have different software options.

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2. Reloop Mixon 4 Serato DJ / djay Pro DJ Controller

Reloop Mixon 4

This is a four channel DJ controller that supports IOS and Android devices. It will hold an iPad Pro that is as big as 12.9 inches, and it uses the Algoriddim’s djay Pro software for both IOS and Android. It works well as an IOS DJ controller for an iPad of any size.

This Mixon 4 also works well with software for a Mac or a PC, and you can use Traktor Pro and Virtual DJ, as well as Serato DJ. The license is included, and it is well built. It feels solid with a metal top plate and a plastic body.

It has a standard section with effects. There are three buttons that allow you to control three software effects, and there is a knob that you can use to set the beats for each one. The pitch fader is large enough to match beats, and there are three buttons underneath it: the slip button, the key lock button, and the key sync button. You can do harmonic mixing if you have tracks with clashing keys.

There is a loop encoder that lets you choose the loop size, and the jog wheels are aluminum, and they are big and flat. It has four channels, and it is fully equipped with gain controls for each, a 3-band EQ, and a filter knob that you can combine with an FX. This is a great DJ controller, and you can switch between devices quickly and easily. It is great as an Android tablet DJ controller or for IOS devices.

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3. Reloop Beatpad 2 djay Pro DJ Controller

Reloop Beatpad 2

The Reloop Beatpad 2 is a fully featured controller for the Algoriddim djay 2/djay Pro applications, and it works on IOS, Android, and Mac. It has RGB performance pads, and it is a compact DJ controller for Android and IOS. It is versatile because it supports Virtual DJ and Traktor Pro as well.

You can mix beats with any device, and this DJ controller is based on the original BeatPad controller. It works plug and play across platforms, and the integration is seamless. It allows you to control your music with a slicer, loop, samples, and dynamic multi-effects.

In addition, it has touch sensitive drum pads and smart RGB illumination that give you visual feedback as you mix music. You can match the colors of the music, eight cue points, and six samples per deck with the control surface. You can directly control the Slice and Slice lop mode. It also has a flexible EQ preset switch on the back to allow control of each channel. This is a high-quality all in one DJ controller with the software you need to mix music using IOS or Android.

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4. Pioneer DJ DDJ-200 WeDJ and djay DJ Controller

Pioneer Pro DJ DDJ 200

The Pioneer DDJ 200 is the most affordable of all Pioneer DJ controllers. It has less of a built-in sound interface, but it works with Algoriddim’s djay DJ app on IOS. It is an entry level DJ controller with a cleaner design, large jog wheels, and decent sized pitch faders.

You can use this DJ controller with Rekordbox DJ when you use your laptop, or you can use WeDJ from Pioneer with IOS. This makes it very versatile and portable. Your smartphone connects through Bluetooth. If you want to use your headphones, you will need a splitter cable.

You can power this DJ controller with USB to a wall socket or a power bank. It has good jog wheels, mixer controls, pads, and large pitch faders. Not only is it compact and portable, but it is very affordable as well.

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5. Numark iDJ Pro djay Pro DJ Controller

Numark iDJ Pro

The Numark iDJ Pro tablet DJ controller is an excellent choice if you have a 9.7 inch iPad. It integrates seamlessly with this iPad, and it is a mid-level or professional grade mixing device. Your iPad will fit in the center space perfectly, and it turns the controller into a full-featured DJ interface. It is compatible with the latest version of djay.

This DJ controller has large jog wheels, dedicated knobs and buttons for EQ, loops, hot cues, and rotary encoders. The rotary encoders replace the line faders. This is a great mid level DJ controller that is ideal if you have a 9.7 inch iPad.

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What to Look for in IOS and Android DJ Controllers

When you look at DJ controllers on the market, it is easy to become overwhelmed. There are a lot of choices out there. The above are all-in-one DJ controllers, which are great for DJs on the go. They are mostly compact and portable, and you can easily use your IOS or Android device.

Most of these devices will include a control area with knobs, jog wheels, pads, faders, and other buttons. You will find displays and multicolored lights that give you a visual on your music mixes. You can also control the tablet or smartphone.

The software is critical because it gives you the ability to mix the music. It allows you to load your music, modify it, and add in all of the effects. The devices above come with some of the best software, so you will be able to control your tablet or smartphone right away.

DJ controllers is a quickly changing area, and new and exciting features are added all the time. You can find amazing apps to make your mixing uniquely your own. Often you can connect your computer if you want to. It just depends on which DJ controller you choose.

Some DJs like to have the option of adding a MIDI keyboard, and they can plug into the DJ controller as well. You need to choose the device that works best for your purposes. If you are a DJ who travels often, you might want a compact and portable DJ controller such as the ones listed above.

Conclusion – Best IOS and Android DJ Controllers

When you choose a DJ controller for IOS or Android, you need to look at the type of controller and the software. If you want to connect your IOS or Android device, you have a lot of good options. DJ technology is evolving rapidly, and it has changed the way DJs work. Gone are the days of the CD players, turntables, and headphones, and now it is all digital.

The DJ controller is the heart of your setup, so you will want to choose one with the features you need. It will allow you to mix, fade, and control your music. The software is the second most important feature, and the choices above have some great options. There are different levels depending on what you need, and you can’t go wrong with any of the devices listed above.


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