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Whether you’re a complete beginner, bedroom DJ or a paid professional, DJ Tech advice has something for everyone.

On this site you’ll find Equipment Reviews, Buyer’s Guides, Setup Tips, News and much more.

I’ve had years of experience, and gone through many different setups, attended some amazing seminars and worked alongside some talented DJs in a whole range of venues.

Now I thought I would share the tips and tricks I’ve learnt along the way.

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Amplified Discos DJ Mike

DJ Mike Bravo

I was taught to DJ (properly) about 20 years ago by a Ministry Of Sound DJ, using his Technics 1210s, mixing vinyl records. I instantly caught the bug and bought my own ‘bedroom’ setup. Shortly after I started hosting the occasional house party. I was regularly told I should DJ professionally, but I never had the confidence.

Some 10 years later I decided to give it a try and Amplified Discos was born, and I’m still operating today.

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