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Being a mobile DJ often comes with the pressure of having to take more of your own equipment to the venue. Unlike club DJs who will usually have access to the in-house equipment, a mobile DJ will need a variety of things such as a DJ stand.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the best DJ booth options for mobile DJs so that you can get the best equipment for your money.

When you think about the amount of equipment that a mobile DJ has to haul around, it is little surprise that he or she will need somewhere to put it all whilst it is in use. You cannot reply on turning up at the venue and there being a DJ booth already built-in.

A DJ booth is a stand that will hold all of your equipment such as decks, mixers, mics and computers. Furthermore, the DJ stand allows you to be separate from the crowd and have the space you need to work whilst still being in full view.

Many DJs choose to personalise their deck stand, which is great if you want to let your creativity flow past the music and create a brand for yourself.

The Best DJ Booth For Mobile DJs

Much like any other type of DJ equipment, your DJ booth needs some careful consideration to be sure that you are getting the right piece of equipment for you. This is not a decision that should be rushed, so we have put together some detailed information on our favourite DJ stands to give you an insight into what the best products look like.

Coming in around the thousand-pound mark, we have this attractive-looking DJ stand that is super easy to assemble and take back down again making it ideal to mobile DJs who don’t want to spend hours sorting out their equipment at the end of a set.

You can feel confident that this is a durable bit of kit thanks to the aluminium design but also be mindful that this does mean it is slightly heavier.

It boasts a truly professional look with its sleek metal design, and if you are looking for something with plenty of space, the three shelves will be more than ideal.

When you aren’t spinning a track, you will likely need somewhere safe and convenient to store your DJ booth, and the great news is that this one will fold down completely flat, so if you are pushed for space, it isn’t an issue. Getting it in the car or van will also prove much easier.

When you first look at this DJ booth, you could be forgiven for thinking that it was a lot more expensive than it actually is – this is an affordable option that does not compromise on practicality.

One of the most important aspects of putting on a good show, aside from the music, of course, is how everything looks. This is a great option for aesthetics since the plexiglass or lycra nature is ideal for backlighting.

Furthermore, you are getting an extremely durable piece of equipment that comes with its own hard case for storage. It breaks down easily, and the case comes on wheels for easy transportation – after all, who wants to be lugging cumbersome equipment around after a long set?

But what is most exciting about this one is that whilst it does come with a standard height, you can pay an additional fee, and the manufacturer will create a custom height to suit your needs.

Another reasonably-priced option is the Pro Event Table II from American DJ.

It is lightweight and compact and can be assembled in just a few minutes. The working space is a sizeable 50 x 24-inches, plenty for holding all your DJ equipment.

One of the unique selling points of this stand is the 25 x 22.5″ white plastic panel at the front of the unit, which can be used for promotional purposes such as your DJ name or company logo.

It is a professional-looking, versatile stand with many optional add-ons for lighting and additional accessories.

Make A DIY DJ Booth

Earlier, we mentioned that a lot of DJs like to create their own DJ booth as this can be far more personal and can help for anyone who wants to create brand awareness.

What’s more, doing it this way gives you the freedom to create a bespoke booth that perfectly meets your needs. It is also often far less expensive to source the raw materials and does the hard work yourself than it is to buy a pre-made booth.

There are hundreds of tutorials and ideas for DIY DJ booths online that you can use for inspiration, but why not let your creativity run wild and see what you can come up with?

DJ Facades

Finally, we should point out that there is also the option to create or purchase a DJ facade. This is slightly different to a booth since it is more of a cover for an existing booth – if there is a booth in the venue, but you want to jazz it up with your own personality then a DJ facade is a good choice.

Similarly to DIY DJ booths, there is a multitude of tips and ideas for making a facade yourself, or you might simply decide to invest in one.

Mike is a Mobile DJ company owner, providing entertainment services for Weddings, Birthdays and other events for over a decade.

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