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Calvin Harris is the only DJ in the Sunday Times Rich List, with an estimate net-worth of £180 million (approx $220m).

He appears in the music industry section at number 16 following a personal growth of around £15 million in the last year alone.

Every year, The Sunday Times Rich List estimates the wealth of the 1,000 richest people in Britain.  Other sections are divided into industries.

Harris, real name Adam Richard Wiles is a 36-year-old Scottish DJ, producer, singer, and songwriter. His best-known tracks include “We Found Love”, This Is What You Came For” and “One Kiss”. His single “We Found Love” was a collaboration with the singer, Rihanna, who is recorded on the list as one of the richest musicians in Britain with a wealth of £468 million.

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Topping the list of Richest Musicians is Andrew Lloyd-Webber with £800m, a drop of £20 million over the year, matching Sir Paul McCartney, who has realised an increase of £50 million.

Also on the list is Sir Elton John – £360 million; Ed Sheeran – £200 million; and Adele at £150 million.

Calvin Harris is a regular at the top of the Forbes World’s Highest Paid DJs list.

According to Forbes, top-earning DJs really earn their money in Las Vegas residencies, where Calvin Harris can earn in excess of $400,000 per set!

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