How To DJ Kids Parties: The Ultimate Guide


How To DJ Kids Parties

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If you’re looking to start playing events for the younger generation, this article on how to DJ kids parties is the best place to start.

Whether you are planning on being a kids’ DJ, or just the occasional school disco, there are some key points you need to know before you book your first event.

Preparation and Planning

Know Your Audience

Before you hit the decks, it’s crucial to know who you’ll be entertaining. Kids come in all shapes and sizes, and their music tastes can vary widely depending on their age. Remember, a party for preschoolers will have different musical needs compared to a gathering of preteens.

Pro Tip: Start by researching the latest kids’ music trends. Stay updated with family movies, YouTube and TikTok videos

Equipment and Setup

Now, let’s talk gear. You don’t need to break the bank, especially when you’re starting out. For most kids’ parties, a basic setup will suffice. You’ll need:

  • A DJ Controller: This is the heart of your setup. It allows you to mix and control your music.
  • Speakers: Ensure they’re powerful enough to fill the party space with sound.
  • Laptop or Music Source: To store and play your music.

As with any event, set up your equipment well before the party. Make sure all cables are secure and test everything to avoid any last-minute hiccups.

Music Selection

Choosing the right tunes is an art form in itself when it comes to DJing kids’ parties. Kids can be picky, so it’s essential to curate a playlist that will keep them grooving and engaged.

Consider creating themed playlists, like “Dance Party,” “Disney Classics,” or “Kid-Friendly Pop Hits.” This helps you cater to different age groups and interests.

IMPORTANT: Always play clean, radio edit versions of songs for a children’s party. No swearing, no inappropriate language or references!

Creating the Right Atmosphere

Engaging Decorations

Kids love visual stimulation, and colorful decorations can set the stage for a fantastic party. For instance, if it’s a pirate-themed party, consider bringing pirate flags, treasure chests, and sea-themed decor. Check with the parents or teachers what decorations they plan to use first.

Try to coordinate your music choices with the party’s theme. If it’s a superhero party, play superhero-themed songs to enhance the experience.

Lighting and Visual Effects

Creating a captivating visual experience is essential for kids. While you don’t need a full-scale light show, a few simple lighting effects can work wonders.

There are many inexpensive options suitable for kids’ parties, such as some LED Par Cans, Moonflower-type lights or a couple of moving heads

How To DJ Kids Parties: Disco Lights

Interactive Games and Activities

To keep the kids entertained between dance sessions, consider incorporating interactive games and activities into your DJ set. Musical chairs, freeze dance, or a limbo contest can all be hits at kids’ parties.

You can seamlessly integrate these activities into your DJ performance. When you see the energy dip, announce a game, and watch the kids’ enthusiasm soar.

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DJ Performance Tips

Reading the Crowd

Kids’ moods can change in an instant, so it’s crucial to keep your finger on the pulse of the party.

Practice observing the kids’ reactions to different songs. You should be able to adjust the playlists in real-time based on the crowd’s energy.

Mixing and Beatmatching

For beginners, mixing and beatmatching can be intimidating. But don’t worry; it’s a skill that improves with practice.

Pro Tip: Try beatmatching with simple, repetitive songs. For intermediates, experiment with more complex transitions to add excitement to your mixes.

Song Transitions and Flow

Smooth song transitions are the secret to keeping the party going without interruptions. Aim to beat-match wherever possible.

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Record your DJ sets and listen to them afterwards. This helps you identify areas for improvement and refine your transition techniques.

Interacting with the Kids


Engaging with kids is part of the magic of DJing kids’ parties. Be approachable, friendly, and open to their song requests. Get comfortable with using the microphone regularly.

Ask the kids about their favorite songs before the party and throughout the evening. Create a request box and encourage the kids to drop in song suggestions.

Audience Participation

Kids love being part of the action. Encourage them to join in the fun with dance-offs, and karaoke sessions, or even invite them to help you DJ for a song or two.

Pro Tip: Consider organizing mini DJ workshops for the older kids, teaching them the basics of mixing and beatmatching. It’s an excellent way to share your passion and inspire the next generation of DJs.

Managing Unexpected Situations

Kids’ parties can be unpredictable, and you might encounter unexpected situations. Stay flexible and adapt as needed.

There should always be adults available at children’s parties. Ask them to deal with issues so you can concentrate on your job.

Conclusion: How To DJ Kids Parties

Congratulations, you’re now equipped with the knowledge of how to DJ kids parties like a pro! Remember, DJing for kids is all about fun, creativity, and making memories. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate DJ, embrace the unique challenges and joys that come with entertaining the youngest partygoers.

Remember, there are nearly always adults at kids’ parties. The better you perform, the more bookings you will get from each gig.

Now, go out there and make those kids dance, laugh, and sing along to the beat of your tunes. Happy DJing!

FAQs: How To DJ Kids Parties

Q: How to DJ kids parties?
A: DJing a kids’ disco involves selecting age-appropriate music, setting up the right equipment, and creating a vibrant atmosphere with decorations and lighting. Read our guide for detailed steps on how to nail it.

Q: How can I be a good DJ for a party?
A: Being a good party DJ, especially for kids, requires understanding your audience, reading the crowd’s energy, and curating a playlist that keeps everyone dancing. Our article provides valuable tips for success.

Q: How do you start a kids party?
A: Starting a kids’ party involves planning the theme, sending out invitations, organizing activities, and setting up the venue. Check out our guide for a comprehensive roadmap to kick-start the festivities.

Q: How do you conduct a kids party?
A: Conducting a kids’ party entails managing the flow of activities, engaging with the children, and ensuring everyone has a great time. Our article offers insights into conducting a fun and memorable party.

Q: How long should a children’s party last?
A: The ideal duration of a children’s party varies depending on the age group, activities, and preferences. Generally, a party for younger kids may last 2-3 hours, while older kids might enjoy a longer celebration. It’s essential to strike a balance to prevent overexhaustion.

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