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There aren’t many DJs who use their birth name – a unique new name can make a DJ stand out from the crowd and give him or her a reputation that is linked with it.

Just look at William Orbit – whilst his name came from an endearing nickname given to him by friends who said he was something of a ‘space-cadet’, the name Orbit is synonymous with the uplifting nature of his music.

It would stand to reason then that choosing a DJ name is one of the essential parts of starting your music career. But where do you start, and how do you choose the right one for you?

Why Is A Good DJ Name Important?

Many beginner DJs make the mistake of not creating a name right from the get-go, but once you get tagged with your regular name, this is hard to shift as people have already begun to recognise you. So, before you set foot on stage, come up with a title first!

Furthermore, a career in music – or any field, for that matter, relies on branding. Branding is essentially a way of making yourself recognisable. Clear branding will make you stand out, and a good name alongside a creative logo will set you apart from your rivals.

How To Pick A DJ Name

There are several things to think about when choosing your DJ name, and it certainly should not be a haphazard decision. Yes, there are people out there who might stumble upon the perfect name without trying, but this is rare.

What Type Of DJ Are You?

In the main, there are two types of DJ – mobile DJs who offer services to various events like weddings, birthdays etc. and those who play in clubs. If you are choosing the latter, you must be sure that your name will be fitting with the type of club you intend to play in.

However, for mobile DJs, you need to find something that will appeal to people across the board – it must be exciting to the younger generation whilst inoffensive to more professional people.


SEO or search engine optimisation is something that anyone who wants to promote themselves, their social media or their website online, needs to consider. Keywords are a vital part of bringing traffic towards your online presence, and your DJ name should point directly to you.

Let’s assume you want to use the name DJ Starlight – if you type starlight into Google, you are going to get an overwhelming number of results – go on, try it.

However, if you choose something more unique, you can feel confident that when it is searched, you are at the top of the page. That being said, you should also be sure to include keywords that appeal to your niche, for example, ‘wedding DJ.’

Your Real Name, Or Not?

It is worth considering the business aspect of using an alias; you may have to apply for permissions as well as using alternative payment methods and accounts.

Alternatively, creating an alter-ego gives you the chance to put on more of a performance and shroud yourself in mystery.

You should also think about whether you want to include ‘DJ’ in your title – doing this can make things a little tricky where accounts are concerned, especially if you are using your given name.


If you intend to conquer the world (who doesn’t), you should think about the meaning of your DJ name in other languages. One of the worst faux pas moments for businesses and professionals is announcing their English name in a foreign-speaking country only to find out it means something offensive.

Furthermore, you should think about the readability of your name – is it easy to pronounce when read directly off paper and will people remember how to spell it? Once again, this relates to your internet presence – a simple misspelling could point your punters in the direction of your competition.

Ways To Find A Good Name

Finding the right name takes time, and you may have wondered where to begin. We’ve put together some handy tips to help you come up with the perfect DJ name.

  • Make use of a thesaurus to find exciting word alternatives.
  • Try a DJ name generator tool.
  • Think about words that relate to DJing and music and see how you can incorporate these into your name.
  • Look at other languages, particularly the ancient ones. Many of the words are used in English and have hidden meanings that can add depth and intelligence to your name.
  • Baby name generators should not be omitted from your search tool arsenal. They have some excellent search options and might just show you something unexpected.
  • Consider including song lyrics into your name. You might also think about the artists and include a homage to them in your title.

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