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Mixxx is a free, open-source DJ software, compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. 

They have recently released Mixxx 2.3 beta, which includes the following updates; 

  • Hotcue colours and labels
  • Serato metadata import
  • Rekordbox metadata import
  • Intro and Outro cues
  • A revamped ‘LateNight’ skin
  • Multithreaded track analysis
  • Deck cloning

Read the official announcement on their website here: https://mixxx.org/news/2020-06-07-mixxx-2-3-beta-released/

Mixxx 2.3 beta

So what’s new in Mixxx 2.3 beta?


You can now add hotcue colours and custom labels if you right-click the hotcue buttons or by right-clicking hotcues on the waveforms. If you hover the mouse over the waveform overview you will see the remaining time until that cue.

You can configure colours for hotcues per track, which you can also customise.

Import from other DJ software

Serato – You can import cue points, track colours and playlists from your Serato file tags and database.

Rekordbox – You can import cue points, track colours and playlists from Rekordbox USB drives.

Intro and Outro cues

You are now able to add intro and outro range cues, with automatic silence detection, and choose to show the duration of intro/outro ranges on the overview waveform. Intro and outro cues can be used in AutoDJ transitions

Deck cloning

Deck cloning, or ‘instant doubles’ is now possible by dragging and dropping between decks. Like other DJ software, double-pressing the load button on your controller will also trigger the deck cloning feature.

Skins and User Interface improvements

Mixxx’s ‘LateNight’ skin has been updated.

If you right-click on the overview waveform you will see the remaining time until that point.

You can now add a laptop battery widget to skins.

Music Feature Analysis

The improved multithreaded track analysis allows faster processing on multicore CPUs.

There is also a bug fix for key detection.


The workflow for configuring controller mappings and editing has been improved.

You can now map hotcue and track colours on your controller.

Controller mapping has been added for Roland DJ-505, and updated for Allen & Heath Xone K2 for intro/outro cues.


Mixxx is a great piece of software, better yet – it’s free! You can download the 2.3 beta here.

As with any beta versions, use with caution. I would advise against using it as your main DJ software in live events. There may be some bugs and errors. You can report these using their report bugs page

Mixxx plan to release a full version 2.4 soon. Download the current stable version here.

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