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Numark Mixstream Pro

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Numark has released the Mixstream Pro – an all-in-one DJ console. It is a great option for new, beginner DJs that just want to get started, DJing without the extra cost or hassle of buying and setting up a laptop or even speakers. This is all thanks to the innovative design incorporating a built-in colour touchscreen and Engine DJ operating system. It also features stereo speakers. Truly plug and play!

Numark Mixstream Pro
Numark Mixstream Pro


Model: Numark Mixstream Pro Standalone DJ Console
Manufacturer: Numark
Price: $599/£499/€599
Our Rating 4.0 stars
Description: Standalone DJ Console
Release Date: October 2021
Power: Mains


Built-in speakers, WiFi audio streaming, and a clear, 7-inch touchscreen for navigating between songs and settings make the Numark Mixstream Pro Standalone DJ Controller the ultimate all-in-one DJ experience.

Two 6-inch touch-capacitive scratch wheels lie at the heart of the Mixstream Pro, allowing you to employ the ‘Smart Scratch’ feature for on-beat scratching. There are also four dual-layer performance pads and four performance mode pads on each deck, allowing you to finger-drum, trigger samples, and more.

Use the integrated FX section, which includes four effects and two toggle switches, to get creative with your mixing. Engine Lighting on the Mixstream Pro allows you to control lighting for Phillips Hue smart home and DMX formats. Because the controller runs on the Engine DJ operating system, it may be used with or without a laptop. The huge filter knob on each deck, as well as the 3-band EQ, make creating dramatic transitions a breeze.

Wifi and Music Streaming

The controller’s WiFi capability raises the concept of connectivity to new heights, since it allows any DJ to access streaming content from anywhere (though we’re interested how well this will function at festivals with limited phone coverage or in isolated regions where WiFi may be weak). Regardless, it allows users to connect their Beatport LINK, Beatsource LINK, TIDAL, and Soundcloud Go+ accounts, allowing them to have access to millions of tracks and playlists.

Mixstream Pro users have a few ways of getting their downloaded music onto the controller. There is the option to connect their music library to Dropbox and access it from the controller, whether it’s just a few playlists or thousands of tracks. The tracks are buffered into the internal memory as they’re loaded, so playback isn’t supposed to be an issue. They can also export their music to a USB drive or SD card, which they can then plug into one of the hardware’s two USB inputs and one SD card slot to listen to their music directly.

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Built-In Speakers

The Mixstream Pro is the world’s first standalone controller with built-in monitor speakers and a dedicated volume knob. This is quite an innovative jump for the home DJ who might utilise this rig in smaller spaces or areas where larger speakers aren’t viable. With a separate volume knob, the Mixstream Pro has a pair of decent-quality monitors built right in. If you don’t want to mix entirely in headphones, you may now use these speakers as monitors while cueing up your next mix.

Numark Mixstream Pro Review 2

Build Quality

The Mixstream Pro is mostly made of plastic, but despite this, it seems quite durable. The knobs, faders, platters, and built-in speakers all appear to be well-made, and you’re unlikely to second-guess the material; it feels strong but is light enough to carry around easily. For the price, you’re getting a well-made piece of gear that should last you a long time if you look after it well.


  • Built-In WiFi for connecting to your favourite music streaming services: TIDAL, Beatport LINK, Beatsource LINK, SoundCloud Go +, Dropbox and more to come!
  • High-quality, custom-tuned onboard speaker monitors with volume control
  • Connect to Philips Hue smart home and DMX lighting for on-beat, automated light shows
  • Engine DJ embedded operating system for laptop-free DJing and ever-evolving suite of professional DJ features
  • USB and SD Card inputs for DJing with existing music libraries
  • 7” multi-gesture high-definition touchscreen
  • Familiar DJ layout featuring 2 decks and full-featured mixer section with 3-band EQ, crossfader, Filter knobs, and dedicated volume controls
  • 6” scratch wheels with Smart Scratch feature
  • FX section with 4 effects and 2 toggle switches
  • Professional ¼” mic input and balanced XLR and RCA outputs


The Mixstream Pro is a tool that will appeal to all DJs, despite its plastic construction, brand name, and pricing, which are typically associated with the novice market. It’s a device that can play practically any DJ’s music, connect to any sound system, and compete with the Denon DJ Prime Two in terms of power! It’s a fantastic all-in-one solution that’s far more competent than it appears. 

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