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Rekordbox 6

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Pioneer DJ Rekordbox has just released version 6.0, and it is packed full of features.

Rekordbox is a music management and DJ software designed by Pioneer DJ, arguably the leaders in DJ equipment and technology.

Of the list of features, the most notable are the introduction of a subscription-based model, and Cloud Library Sync – a feature that enables a library backup that is available to access from up to four different devices.

Pioneer DJ Rekordbox 6.0
Image Credit: Pioneer DJ

Cloud Library Sync

Probably the biggest new feature of Rekordbox 6 is the Cloud Library Sync, with which DJs can upload their whole music library to the cloud, from there it is available to stream or download from up to four devices.

Your library can now be uploaded from your hard drive using Rekordbox and then access it in Rekordbox on your laptop. You can access Cloud Library on your iPhone or iPad too, but the songs have to be downloaded manually.

The only requirement is the device has to be running Rekordbox 6.0 or the Rekordbox 3.1 app on iOS. You also need to have an active Dropbox account – which stores and syncs your music files, and Cloud Library Sync enabled in the software. Pioneer DJs servers store and sync the metadata from the tracks.

Cloud Library Sync gives you a constant up-to-date backup of your DJ library in the ‘cloud’, so if you are unfortunate enough to lose or damage your laptop, you can easily obtain the library when your laptop is repaired of replaced.

Upload tracks and playlists from your rekordbox library to cloud storage service Dropbox* and access them with various devices. When you set up cues or create playlists, they’re instantly synced to the library on the cloud and available for you to play on the spot.


Another welcome new feature in Rekordbox 6 is the monthly subscription model, meaning you can now choose the free, limited version or opt for the better, paid versions at a relatively low monthly fee. Previously, you would have to pay around USD $130, so having the monthly subscription allows you to try it with the initial 30-day free trial (just remember to cancel before the 30 days is up), or cancel at any time.

  • Free – Limited features
  • Core – USD $9.99/month – Advanced DJ functions, Control Rekordbox
  • Creative – USD $14.99/month – Advanced DJ functions, Additional functions, Control Rekordbox, Cloud Library Sync

At the time of writing, Rekordbox is offering a discount if you sign up by 13 July 2020, bringing the Core plan down to $6.99 per month and Creative to $9.99 per month.

Pioneer DJ Rekordbox 6 Subscription

Certain DJ Controller owners do not need to sign up for a subscription to use Rekordbox 6 in Performance mode, they are part of the ‘Hardware Unlock’ feature which automatically activates the software. The listed controllers are:

  • DJM-V10
  • DDJ-1000/800/400/200
  • DDJ-XP1/XP2
  • DJM-750MK2/450/250MK2

If you use any of the following controllers, a paid subscription is required to use DVS:

  • DDJ-1000
  • DDJ-800
  • DDJ-RX
  • DDJ-RR
  • DDJ-SX2
  • DDJ-SZ

Other New Features

In addition to the main upgrades to the Subscriptions and Cloud Library Sync is the following;

  • DJM-V10 compatibility added.
  • New subscription plans available.
  • Added MY PAGE.
  • Added Cloud Library Sync feature.
  • Added Mobile Library Sync feature.
  • Added Inflyte support.
  • Added Ableton Link feature.
  • Added 3Band waveform.
  • Added Skin settings to select Dark/Light for the screen’s base color.
  • Added Auto Relocate feature to automatically find missing files.
  • Added filter to the Attribute Column (Collection and playlists only).
  • Added Ambient mode on the Lighting panel.
  • Added DMX Direct Control on the Lighting panel.

Updated Features:

  • Ability to add video files to audio playlists.
  • Added [All Audio] and [All Videos] in the tree view.
  • Ability to add tracks from streaming services streaming tracks to playlists.
  • Blinking interval when Strobe (Middle) is selected on the Lighting panel.
  • Added copy feature for venues and scenes in Lighting mode.
  • Added Moving Head pan/tilt limit setting and tilt reverse setting in Lighting mode.

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