Spotify To Stop Working On 3rd Party DJ Software


Spotify to stop working on DJAY

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Algoriddim, the makers of the popular DJ Software DJAY, has announced that its app will no longer support Spotify. As of July 1, 2020, no third-party DJ Software will be able to access Spotify, or any library created in the app.

Though the reason behind Spotify’s decision is not known, there has been some speculation around Algoriddim adding other music streaming services, such as Soundcloud and Tidal, to their djay app. Nonetheless, the news is not likely to be welcomed by the company or the users of djay.

A statement has been released on Algoriddim’s website: “Today, streaming has become an integral part of almost every DJ product with new streaming service providers innovating the space for aspiring and professional DJs alike. As far as Spotify in djay is concerned, it’s been a great journey, but soon it will be time to say farewell.

As of July 1, 2020 Spotify will no longer be playable through 3rd party DJ apps. You’ll still be able to use Spotify in djay until the end of June 2020.

The company has provided information on migrating playlist over for Spotify to Tidal and SoundCloud Go+, and also offered free trials for the alternative streaming services.

djay and Spotify
(Image credit: Algoriddim)

The Spotify integration was originally announced by Algoriddim in May 2014, and has been a great addition to its DJAY app. However, there has always been some dispute over using Spotify during a professional event, as it is against the terms of service due to copyright laws.

Spotify released their first quarter 2020 earnings report, indicating 130 million subscribers and 286 million Monthly Active Users – both 31% increase year-on-year.

We are yet to see any response from Spotify on the removal of its platform from DJAY, or any other DJ Software.

While it would be great to see Apple Music in DJ Software, especially with their iTunes/Music software being used by many DJs to organise their playlists, there has been no suggestion that this will ever happen. It was interesting to read that on October 2, 2019, Apple CEO, Tim Cook visited Algoriddim HQ, but that could, of course, be completely coincidental.

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