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  • Pioneer DJM-S5: 2-Channel Scratch Mixer

    Pioneer DJM-S5: 2-Channel Scratch Mixer

    Pioneer DJ has announced the DJM-S5, a 2-channel scratch mixer that’s designed for use with Serato DJ Pro. The mixer is similar to the 4-channel DJM-S9, but it has fewer features and channels. The DJM-S5 has two mic inputs, two USB ports, and four phono/line inputs. The Pioneer DJM-S5 is a 2-channel scratch mixer that…

  • 5 Best DJ Mixers

    5 Best DJ Mixers

    A mixer is one of the most critical pieces of equipment that any DJ will have, and so it is important to make sure that you get the right one. There are many products on the market, some quite affordable and others that are pretty high-end. In this article, we will be looking at the…

  • How To Use A DJ Mixer

    How To Use A DJ Mixer

    One of the key components of any DJ equipment setup is the mixer; without this, it would be very hard to DJ at all. Learning to use a mixer is something that every beginner DJ must go through and even when you have been doing the job for a long time, it pays to hone…